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Okay , Feilong has to be one of my favorite characters in the Finder series **though at first I only liked his looks but after rereading the manga a few times I completely loved him** & after all that he has been through I so wanted him to find someone who loves him **other than us fangirls xD** & at some point I guess that I started shipping him with Yoh **& not with Mikhail** so I was happy about this LN **though waiting for it to get translated was torture** Anyways , heres a summary **SPOILER ALERT** :The LN takes place after the Hong Kong arc in the original Finder manga . After Yoh has left Feilongs group , he started working in some restaurant in Taiwan . Then one day Feilong comes to him with a mission to kill his step brother , Yan Tsui , who has fallen to drugs & is currently leading a gang under a pseudonym **He also turns out to be Taos dad** . Tao ends up following Feilong & gets kidnapped by Yan Tsui to lure Feilong . Feilong goes to save him despite knowing that its a trap & stuff happens which lead to Yoh coming in to save Feilong & Tao **though he gets shot in the shoulder** , Tao learns the identity of his father & Ya Tsui escapes . Then Feilong , Yoh & Tao spend the night at Yohs apartment **Fei & Yoh get together finally** & the next morning they all have breakfast together . Then Feilong & Tao go back to Hong Kong , Tao starts training to be able to protect Feilong , Yoh kills Yan Tsui & it turns out that the one pulling the strings behind Yam Tsuis learning about Feilong being in Taiwan & kidnapping Tao is none other than Mikhail Arbatov .In the end , Feilong & Yoh reunite again <3**Tbh I cant believe that I wasted my time on the TMR series last month instead of reading it sooner **

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